I’m Not That Different

I was born with a birth defect that made one of my legs much shorter than the other. When people hear about this, they assume that I’m unable to live a happy, normal life. The truth is on the contrary. I’ve come to find that with a positive attitude and a determined heart, this defect couldn’t affect or change my life in any way. I … Continue reading I’m Not That Different


Life Served Me a Lemon

Growing up in the dusty countryside of Kenya was fun and typical for girls of my age in the early 1990s. Life was blissful. Sometimes I wish I could rewind and stop the time, just to savor the innocence of those days. My family had settled about 10 miles from the famous home of Obama’s grandmother in Kogelo. The village was close-knit, and neighbors were … Continue reading Life Served Me a Lemon