Leaving Behind My Secret

  This is the 64th story of Our Life Logs.   In my early 20s, I lost a big part of myself. The person who I used to be was being smothered by grief and guilt. The things I once loved felt like a chore. As I cultivated life experience and support from wonderful people in my life, I was able to return to the upbeat person … Continue reading Leaving Behind My Secret


From the Ashes

This is the 62nd story of Our Life Logs.   I proudly held back tears from falling off my cheeks. Nothing has ever felt overwhelmingly good. I could not stop waving at the cheering crowd, because as the captain of the Lumumba Stigma Association football team, the acknowledgement was partly to my great leadership. Things have not always been rosy for me. I was bullied during my … Continue reading From the Ashes

Feeling Worthy Again

This is the 61st story of Our Life Logs.   I grew up thinking I was disposable. Throughout my childhood, I was passed around to several houses until my mother decided to take me back. This constant uprooting caused severe anxiety and depression, making my “lows” feel like deep caverns. There have been a few people in my life who reached out to me when I felt … Continue reading Feeling Worthy Again

On My Way

This is the 59th story of Our Life Logs.   Though I’m only about 24 years old, I’ve experienced the bitterness and sweetness of life. Throughout my journey, I had moments when I felt sorrowful, scared, doubtful, confused, as well as moments of happiness and triumph. I’m on my way to experience more.   1 | Growing up and Coming out I was born in Columbus, Ohio … Continue reading On My Way

To Be Brave Again

This is the 58th story of Our Life Logs.   I was a typical child, raised in Kentucky during the mid-1990s, often playing games with my three siblings. Our favorite was hide-and-seek. We would hide in unconventional places like the fridge or dryer. My father worked in logistics, and my mother could never keep a job. When I was about 13, my parents divorced, and my big … Continue reading To Be Brave Again

Unconditional Love

| This is the 58th story of Our Life Logs | “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”  –Charles R. Swindoll I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1958. I had a normal, Catholic upbringing. My mother’s family was Irish, and my father’s family was Italian, creating a melting pot of heritage in our household. I was the middle child … Continue reading Unconditional Love