Life Isn’t Linear

This is the 48th story of Our Life Logs. Walking away from Wall Street was something I had to do to find happiness in my life. That kind of lifestyle wasn’t how I wanted to spend my aging years. You must follow what your heart wants—even if there isn’t an end goal in mind. I lived a regular life near New York City during the … Continue reading Life Isn’t Linear


Every Child’s an Artist

This is the 47th story of Our Life Logs. I have always found it amazing how quickly someone’s opinion of you can change once they see you. For example, maybe someone mentions their favorite basketball player and all the stats that the athlete has accumulated. But the second you find out that the player is in a wheelchair, you become skeptical. Or, maybe it is … Continue reading Every Child’s an Artist

When Being Strong Was My Only Choice

| This is the 45th story of Our Life Logs | “It is in herself she will find her strength, the strength she needs.” -Tyler Knott Gregson When I was born in 1982 with waves washing on the shore of our small coastal city, China was just starting to struggle to rise as an economic power. We started off as a typical, average-incomed family. Both my … Continue reading When Being Strong Was My Only Choice