One of Us

| This is the 81st story of Our Life Logs |   I’m not exactly certain where to start with my story, so I will begin at the beginning. I was born a long time ago, in California. My father was in seminary and my mother was working for the same institution where my father was. I was rather unexpected since my mother had been told … Continue reading One of Us


Out of the Cocoon

| This is the 80th story of Our Life Logs | My story begins in Clermont-Ferrand, my birthplace in France, a city rich in history and culture, where the first Christian crusade was initiated. My parents first arrived in this town after immigrating from Algeria during the national crisis in the 80s. Since its independence in 1962, Algeria was ruled by the NLF (National Liberation Front), … Continue reading Out of the Cocoon

Mending What Was Broken

This is the 72nd story of Our Life Logs   I was born in 1996 in Lexington, Kentucky where my parents worked to try to keep us above the poverty line. My mom worked tirelessly to make money with multiple jobs while my dad refused to work more than one job. To make matters worse, my dad preferred blowing the money he’d just made on luxuries … Continue reading Mending What Was Broken

Behind a Beautiful World

This is the 70th story of Our Life Logs.   I was born in Blenheim, New Zealand in 1965 and grew up in a typical 70’s family. Dad was in the Airforce, and we got posted to Hobsonville Airforce Auckland in 1973. Growing up in the Airforce community was fun. Life was carefree and simple. I have two sisters and a brother, but I always enjoyed my … Continue reading Behind a Beautiful World