In the Game of Life

| This is the 244th story of Our Life Logs | Quirky and awkward. That’s how most people saw me in middle school and high school. I was the big kid with clumsiness in his DNA, who spent most of his time in front of the TV playing video games. But the people who made fun of me didn’t realize why my eyes stayed glued to … Continue reading In the Game of Life


To the Other Side

| This is the 240th story of Our Life Logs | June 1, 1990, Columbus, Ohio. This was the day I was born, miraculously, to a drug-addicted mother who couldn’t take care of me. I was born with fetal alcohol syndrome, diagnosed with bilateral cleft palates which made it hard for me to breathe, mild cerebral palsy, significant hearing impairment, and legal blindness. I came out … Continue reading To the Other Side

The Wound Is Where the Light Comes In

| This is the 239th story of Our Life Logs | Being the granddaughter of a famed, yet tormented writer is both a blessing and a curse. My grandmother and the other women in my line have been deemed mentally unstable, depressive, and worse. I am the only one not to have been electroshocked or institutionalized, yet many times in my life, I have thought that … Continue reading The Wound Is Where the Light Comes In

The Thinnest of Threads

| This is the 235th story of Our Life Logs | I’ve always heard people say that nothing good ever happens after midnight. For the longest time I found that to be true of my birth. Born an hour and 13 minutes into December 13th, 1986, the temperature afforded my welcome a mere 10 degrees. In Claremont, New Hampshire, that morning I joined a union equally … Continue reading The Thinnest of Threads