Where We Left off

| This is the 263rd story of Our Life Logs | Have you ever met someone that was such a complement to your soul that meeting them was like discovering a color you had never seen before?  Suddenly, the world felt a little brighter, the sky a little bluer, and life’s worries a little less…worrisome. That person for me wasn’t a love interest, but a dear … Continue reading Where We Left off


Words That Heal

| This is the 262nd story of Our Life Logs | Trace all our sketches, all our etches in time, some hold all our reasons, some only a rhyme. —“untitled” by John Stalter I was raised through the ’90s in Midwestern Minnesota by parents born in the ’60s, two upstanding, conservative Christians who worked their way into a larger piece of the pie thanks to their … Continue reading Words That Heal

Once, There Was a Princess

| This is the 257th story of Our Life Logs | I planned to climb out of my castle and ride my white horse to victory. To me, it sounded simple. Unfortunately, no one told me that a leap from the tallest tower makes for a great fall. I was born into a Korean-Japanese family. I think the best word to describe my childhood is: extraordinary. … Continue reading Once, There Was a Princess

When We Choose Forgiveness

| This is the 256th story of Our Life Logs | As a child, I dreamed of my parents staying together, loving each other, celebrating my birthdays and making me feel like a princess. Sadly, dreams remained dreams, and I hardly had anything close to that. I was born in 1982 in Trenton, New Jersey. My parents broke up when I was still little, and my … Continue reading When We Choose Forgiveness