Life Is Precious

| This is the 436th story of Our Life Logs | Behind every proverb, there is experience and reflection. Now, I don’t claim to know it all, but I know what I’ve lived, for life was my teacher. Here are the lessons I’ve learned. 1 | Even in heartbreak, one must continue living. I was born the third of six children during the long depression in Norfolk, … Continue reading Life Is Precious


The Reconstruction of My Life

| This is the 432nd story of Our Life Logs | In life, we play various roles, and like the legs of a stool, those roles support us. They are the indication of our existence. Each role is as important to the structure’s stability as the other. When one of them disappears, it threatens the whole system, and in my case, my entire being. I was forced … Continue reading The Reconstruction of My Life

There Is Life After Opioids

| This is the 426th story of Our Life Logs | I woke to the sound of a nearby train as it whooshed by. I groaned as I stretched my legs out on the compact, double seat of a CTA train I’d chosen for refuge the night before. It wasn’t comfy, but it beat Chicago’s cold and grimy streets. Pain shot through my limbs as I shifted, … Continue reading There Is Life After Opioids