17 Inspirational Quotes from May 2019

As we review and edit all the wonderful stories that come into Our Life Logs everyday, our hearts are touched, over and over again. Each story is unique, but the laughs and tears are common. Through these inspirational quotes from Our Life Logs hand-picked by our editor, we would like you to feel what we feel and get inspired how we get inspired.


The truly strong heart and character remain courageous and resilient despite the maelstroms of life…It was never an option to throw up my hands and give in.

“Forever” – by Nicole Forbus

At the end of each journey, there is a moment of pause—be it a second or a year—that is promptly followed by the question: do we start another? Always, always, I answer, “Yes.”

“Each and Every Journey” – by Colleen Walker

When dark thoughts try to plague my mind, I remind myself that whatever you are going through – whether it’s good or bad – there’s not a single thing in this world which can take away the love you have in your heart.

“Love Is the Answer” – by Milenitta Zhelyazkova

Give yourself time to grieve, express how you feel in any form, keep a journal, write a poem or sing a song…but whatever you do…never keep it all bottled up inside. The agony and pain will suffocate and rob you of a life worth living.

“A Life Interrupted” – by Natasha Meyer

I’ve been through tough times in my life, but since I’ve discovered my own worth, I’ve come out on the other end, stronger and happier.

“The Promise to Myself” by Star Johnson

Every day is worth living. Even though nothing remains the same, I say there is one answer which is always relevant and always right, and that answer is Love.

“Love Is the Answer” – by Milenitta Zhelyazkova

I didn’t dwell in the past so much. It was like waking up to the first day of spring. The winter was over and forgotten.

“Reckless Love” – by Colleen Walker

Everybody has a purpose and plan on Earth; you just have to find it.

“To Open the Door” – by Seth Miller


I’ve come to see that my past coping mechanisms were not healthy for me or for those around me, and I’ve chosen to never fall down that path again.

“The Reason” – by Kristen Petronio

We often cannot choose our fate. We just have to be grateful for what we have when we have it. We can’t take life for granted because even when all is going right, there’s still a chance for something to go wrong. I’ve learned to accept that in life.

“Forever” – by Nicole Forbus


Heartbreak is painful, but it is a part of life. To overcome heartbreak is to learn, and in turn, truly live.

“Leaving the Past Behind” – by Kristen Petronio

I’ve come to accept that people will have different opinions of me, but they can’t change how I view myself. No matter how others see me, I am who I am.

“I Am Who I Am” by Elena Sichrovsky

I love where I come from because it made me who I am today.

“Beyond Our Beginnings” – by Brandon Lampley

I realized there were so many places I wanted to visit, so many positive emotions I craved to feel. It was not my time to give up.

“Love Is the Answer” – by Milenitta Zhelyazkova

Our lives don’t have to remain reckless, but I think our love should. In the end, nothing else really matters.

“Reckless Love” – by Colleen Walker

My new life turned out to be more gray than the rosy color I had once dreamed. Still, I told myself that gray was not such a bad color; after all, it was a mixture of white and black and if I focused my attention on the white side, on hope, I would get by.

“My Life is Not a Tragedy” – by Dominique Abana

Life hands us many obstacles, and some seem impossible to conquer. Sometimes we must concede and walk around the proverbial mountain, sometimes we are able to scale the mountain, and sometimes…we must be the mountain.

“Forever” – by Nicole Forbus

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