One Look Changed Everything 

| This is the 518th story of Our Life Logs | I was born a few weeks before Christmas of 1978 in Phoenix, Arizona, to a 16-year-old mom. She named me Bradley Currie Jenkins, giving me her last name because her boyfriend, my dad, wasn’t interested with me. Still, I was wanted and loved, cuddled and kissed, by my mom. I remember I had a blue and white teddy bear that I slept with … Continue reading One Look Changed Everything 


Who I Am at the End of the Journey

| This is the 515th story of Our Life Logs | My mother had what some would call a “dirty” pregnancy, meaning my parents weren’t together and my father wasn’t in the picture when I was born in 2002 in San Diego, California. My family doesn’t talk much about it due to the stigma, but I’ve gathered the gist of what happened. My mother, along with … Continue reading Who I Am at the End of the Journey

A Matter of Life and Death and Limb

| This is the 514th story of Our Life Logs | I’m an athlete through and through, model year 1983. Football player, college scholarship, pro ball—the works. I was someone always in motion—locomoting with agility, speed, and power of leg was my life force. But what happens when that motion is tested? I grew up in California where I played every sport that had a ball. … Continue reading A Matter of Life and Death and Limb

Walls Break Down, the Sun Comes In

| This is the 510th story of Our Life Logs | “I love you,” he says as I look into the honey pots he calls eyes. I can’t control the smile stretching across my face; for the first time in my life, I’m genuinely in love with someone. In this moment, I find myself looking back on a road that almost broke me and amazed that … Continue reading Walls Break Down, the Sun Comes In

Trapped in Gray Skies: A COVID-19 Story 

| This is the 509th story of Our Life Logs | Life is unpredictable. People understand that now more than ever. But we also know that every situation occurs for a reason, and nothing is permanent. All experiences change and impact how you grow. And that is what happened to me.   I come from a small city in Pakistan called Sahiwal. I was born in the late ’90s as the youngest and the only boy of five … Continue reading Trapped in Gray Skies: A COVID-19 Story