When a Soldier’s Last Breath Moves the Flag

| This is the 241st story of Our Life Logs | I was born and raised in Houston, Texas in the 1960s by a very open and loving family. While I was one of five sisters (God bless our parents!), we rarely got in trouble. Maybe it was because we were angels, or maybe it was because they both hated to punish any of us girls. … Continue reading When a Soldier’s Last Breath Moves the Flag

The Thinnest of Threads

| This is the 235th story of Our Life Logs | I’ve always heard people say that nothing good ever happens after midnight. For the longest time I found that to be true of my birth. Born an hour and thirteen minutes into December 13th, 1986, the temperature afforded my welcome a mere ten degrees. In Claremont, New Hampshire that morning I joined a union equally … Continue reading The Thinnest of Threads

A Latecomer’s Dream

| This is the 215th story of Our Life Logs | I believe that an underrated statement is when people say the “mid-life crisis” can change your existence. I should know. Earlier this month I turned 40. When my parents initially immigrated from the Philippines, they traveled to Hawaii to stay with my great-grandparents where they found a nearly nonexistent job market. Turns out, picking guavas … Continue reading A Latecomer’s Dream