A Helping Heart

| This is the 106th story of Our Life Logs | If life were to be pre-programmed, it would kill the fun out of every learning situation. It would be better to be born a zombie than live such a life. I’m glad that I made choices in my life with my heart, instead of being controlled by money. I was born in the tourist … Continue reading A Helping Heart

Lights Fade Up

This is the 104th story of Our Life Logs I once read somewhere that, “Theatres are modern churches: huddled masses in the dark, looking up at those in the light, telling them what it is to be human.” That is what I want: to share experiences with people that leave them not only entertained but changed in some way for the good.  The path that stretches … Continue reading Lights Fade Up

The Art of Living

| This is the 103rd story of Our Life Logs | Living simply has been ingrained in me. I was born in the late 1950s in Danville, Kentucky, and raised by my great-grandmother. My mother’s parents weren’t involved in my mother’s life, much like my father was not there for me, so my great-grandmother stepped in. She raised both my mother and then me. Thanks to … Continue reading The Art of Living

The Feast of Life

| This is the 101st story of Our Life Logs | My childhood was spent in the small city of Manizales, Colombia. As the youngest in the family, my parents were quite overprotective of me. She didn’t let me go outside and play with other kids very often because she would worry about me. The isolation made me shy and socially awkward. My older brother … Continue reading The Feast of Life

I Will Not Fail

| This is the 52nd story of Our Life Logs. | I grew up in Marshall, Texas with nine other brothers and sisters. I was the second-youngest in the mix of 10 children. My father was never in the picture. He left my mother long before I could even remember. My mother had only an eighth-grade education and was prone to severe anxiety, and so we lived on … Continue reading I Will Not Fail

If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It

This is the 39th story of Our Life Logs.   “The very fact that you have a desire or a dream means that you have the corresponding capacity to realize it.” —Robin S. Sharma, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. I have lived a blessed life. I was taught from a young age that the best way to find success was through dreaming big. If you can … Continue reading If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It

Resilience, That’s the Word

It seemed that loss followed me wherever I went. Life kept throwing me curve-balls, but I tried not to stay down for long. I learned that you may not be able to control the curve, but you can control how you swing at it. I grew up in Long Island in the 1970’s with my parents and five siblings. My parents were of first generation … Continue reading Resilience, That’s the Word

The Drive to Rebuild

If someone were to look at my life now, they’d say I’m lucky. I have a loving husband, two daughters and a stepson. I’ve had the opportunity to pursue three college degrees and have started my own business. It may seem like I had it easy, but I climbed a mountain of obstacles to get here. I did not have an easy beginning. The terror … Continue reading The Drive to Rebuild