The Drive to Rebuild

If someone were to look at my life now, they’d say I’m lucky. I have a loving husband, two daughters and a stepson. I’ve had the opportunity to pursue three college degrees and have started my own business. It may seem like I had it easy, but I climbed a mountain of obstacles to get here. I did not have an easy beginning. The terror … Continue reading The Drive to Rebuild

Making a Difference

All my life, I have always wanted to help others. I have seen persecution, racism, and blind hatred for those who are different or deemed unworthy. I have seen these people for what they are, and they are not animals. They are human beings. I have tried to dedicate what I can to these marginalized groups; whether its refugees, Muslims, people who are severely impoverished, … Continue reading Making a Difference

A Place Called Home

I grew up as a child of the world. Nowhere was home because for nearly my entire childhood, everywhere was home. My parents’ work kept us on the move, traveling all over South America. They were social workers that focused primarily on helping young people and underprivileged children, orphans in many cases, who had lost their parents in war or in gang-related issues. I helped … Continue reading A Place Called Home