Finding True Refuge

| This is the 105th story of Our Life Logs | In 1989, I was born in Medellín, Colombia. I lived the first six years of my life in Colombia before my parents moved our family to the United States. At the time, Pablo Escobar, a drug lord and narco-terrorist, was wreaking havoc in Colombia and my parents didn’t feel that living there was safe … Continue reading Finding True Refuge


My Journey: from Siberia, Russia to Ohio, US

| This is the 6th story of Our Life Logs. |   1 | The Starting Point I was born in Siberia in the 1986 Communist Russia, commonly known as the Soviet Union (Union of Soviet Satellite Republics, USSR). The revolutions started a few years later, leading to the collapse of the Soviet empire and the rise of the Russian Federation. The early years of … Continue reading My Journey: from Siberia, Russia to Ohio, US