Forward Is the Only Direction

| This is the 454th story of Our Life Logs | My name is Kelvin Johnson and I was born in 1961 on the Southside of Chicago to a family of six kids. My siblings and I were all one year apart, and I was the second oldest. In my early life, my father worked as a barber, and my mother was a stay-at-home mom. Those early … Continue reading Forward Is the Only Direction


At the Foot of the Mountain

| This is the 344th story of Our Life Logs |I grew up on a small Caribbean Island in the 1990s where I loved to play sports and solve math problems. I always looked up to my dad who was a successful accountant and I dreamed of following in his footsteps. Though, as I began my journey to high school, I found myself straying from the … Continue reading At the Foot of the Mountain

A Life Not Lost

| This is the 330th story of Our Life Logs |The past has claws—The future has wings.Born in 2001 in Gainesville, Florida, I was first taken from my parents when I was just a one-month-old baby boy because of sexual abuse and incest. My father was registered as a sex offender. Over time, my father lost all rights to see me, while my mother’s supervised visits … Continue reading A Life Not Lost