Life After the Change

| This is the 367th story of Our Life Logs |Right, this story is a bit complicated, so I’ll need a second to decide where the beginning should be.• • •A few months into my first year of college, my mother called my sister and me into her room. From the tone in her voice, anyone could tell that this wasn’t going to be pleasant. It was … Continue reading Life After the Change


At the Foot of the Mountain

| This is the 343rd story of Our Life Logs | I grew up on a small Caribbean Island in the 1990s where I loved to play sports and solve math problems. I always looked up to my dad who was a successful accountant and I dreamed of following in his footsteps. Though, as I began my journey to high school, I found myself straying from … Continue reading At the Foot of the Mountain

To Open the Door

| This is the 146th story of Our Life Logs | Loud voices painted the walls of my family’s house in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We shared laughter and home-cooked meals at our large wooden dinner table, its legs showing visible wear and tear from the many generations (and states, as I was born in Denver, Colorado, in 1991) it had passed through. Our parents strongly supported our … Continue reading To Open the Door