A Life That Is Worthy

| This is the 195th story of Our Life Logs | When I was a child, I would walk the streets of Lahore, Pakistan, while staring at the dusty pavement below. I did not want to look around. I did not want to see the screwed-up faces of the other children who called me “inbred” or wailed with laughter at my “funny appearance.” I had no … Continue reading A Life That Is Worthy


To Open the Door

| This is the 146th story of Our Life Logs | Loud voices painted the walls of my family’s house in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We shared laughter and home-cooked meals at our large wooden dinner table, its legs showing visible wear and tear from the many generations (and states, as I was born in Denver, Colorado, in 1991) it had passed through. Our parents strongly supported our … Continue reading To Open the Door

Feeling Worthy Again

This is the 61st story of Our Life Logs.   I grew up thinking I was disposable. Throughout my childhood, I was passed around to several houses until my mother decided to take me back. This constant uprooting caused severe anxiety and depression, making my “lows” feel like deep caverns. There have been a few people in my life who reached out to me when I felt … Continue reading Feeling Worthy Again

On My Way

This is the 59th story of Our Life Logs.   Though I’m only about 24 years old, I’ve experienced the bitterness and sweetness of life. Throughout my journey, I had moments when I felt sorrowful, scared, doubtful, confused, as well as moments of happiness and triumph. I’m on my way to experience more.   1 | Growing up and Coming out I was born in Columbus, Ohio … Continue reading On My Way