Home Is What We Feel

| This is the 401st story of Our Life Logs | I was born in 1982 in Campbellford, Ontario, home of the world’s largest two-dollar coin and roughly 8,000 small-town folks. My dad was a prison security guard—a big guy you did not want to mess with. My mom was a sweetheart and worked at a big-brand food company in Coburg on their packaging line. Even with … Continue reading Home Is What We Feel


I Love This Life Because You Are in It

| This is the 400th story of Our Life Logs | They say that daughters are a blessing, but that was not my reality. You see, I was born in a very small village in Pakistan, called Kasur, in 1979, and for years, I blamed myself for my mother’s death because she died after giving birth to me. My father was never really meant to be a … Continue reading I Love This Life Because You Are in It

A Beautiful Life Once More

| This is the 383rd story of Our Life Logs | It’s not wrong to believe that life is unfair and difficult. But the thing is, that’s how it is for everyone. My name is Mustafa Najam and I was born in Lahore, Pakistan, to Fatima Bano and Nasrullah Wazir back in 1985. I was named after my great-grandfather who was one of the many influential personalities … Continue reading A Beautiful Life Once More

My Dreams Made a Difference

| This is the 380th story of Our Life Logs | Eighty-eight years of living is something to take note of. To be honest, the longevity and good health have been quite a surprise to me, but a surprise that I treasure. Through all these years, I’ve gathered wisdom from a deep well of experiences and had opportunities to chase my dreams again and again. There were … Continue reading My Dreams Made a Difference