A World of My Own

| This is the 363rd story of Our Life Logs |In 1987 in the city of Lahore, Pakistan, I became the first-born son to Rehman Fateh and Shad Begum. Our family was poor but very happy in our small world. In the following years, my parents had my two sisters and my brother, increasing the joy of our home.I grew up watching how hard my father … Continue reading A World of My Own


When Memories Come Alive

| This is the 341th story of Our Life Logs |“Memories comes alive whenThe earth moves the other wayAway from the twirling painThat rummages through the body;Memory comes alive whenHappiness walks into the parkBlackened by darknessAnd bereft of ideas.”I don’t know why, but my pen found a notepad this bright summer afternoon. I had taken a long nap and had woken up abruptly from a sleep … Continue reading When Memories Come Alive

Waiting for Peaceful Skies

| This is the 331st story of Our Life Logs |A patient of mine, a World War II veteran, sat in front of me on the examination table. I made a note in his health card and suggested some vitamins for better vision.He shrugged, “It is hopeless, Doctor. I will never see anything clearer than the battlefields in 1944. Those pictures hold me there, taking away … Continue reading Waiting for Peaceful Skies