Always Beginning

| This is the 301st story of Our Life Logs | Many people search far and wide for a way to the truth. They turn their heads in every direction for fear of missing the right path, and yet, they miss the opportunities presented in the moment. I believe that all experiences in life are the stepping stones that eventually lead to one’s truth. And so, … Continue reading Always Beginning

It’s All Possible

| This is the 299th story of Our Life Logs | Life began the year 1993 in a beautiful small town in Southern California. Our close-knit family projected the picture-perfect story with loving parents, huge apple trees to climb, and a million sun-kissed memories. Sadly, every beautiful story is entangled with a monster. The monsters that haunted my life and broke my sweet laughter were violators … Continue reading It’s All Possible

As the Fog Clears

| This is the 292nd story of Our Life Logs | My parents had me on June 27, 1952. I grew up in Yazoo City, Mississippi, the third of five children. My childhood was full of laughter, smiles, and love. One of my fondest memories is swinging so high on the playset in our backyard that the metal poles would come out of the ground. My … Continue reading As the Fog Clears

There Is Peace in Every Storm

| This is the 291st story of Our Life Logs | All of us have been given a purpose—I believe it. Finding it is the challenge, and once finding it, taking the risks necessary to fulfill it can be daunting. Unfortunately, it has never been my nature to take risks in anything. You could even say that I never have lost that Midwest attitude to “just … Continue reading There Is Peace in Every Storm

Ever After

| This is the 284th story of Our Life Logs | I grew up in Taiwan, South Korea, and Hawaii, floating back and forth between the three places to see my father who was an influential politician in South Korea, as well as my mother and stepfather who were both successful in their areas of multinational business. My parents raised me with progressive values, or at … Continue reading Ever After

I Do Not Keep Them Hidden Any Longer

| This is the 280th story of Our Life Logs | I grew up in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, in the early 2000s. As a young girl, my parents sensed that things weren’t right with me. I would jump back and forth between doing things. I would start my homework and then stop to play with toys. I would then place the toys down to watch television. … Continue reading I Do Not Keep Them Hidden Any Longer

As I Looked into the Eyes of My True Love

| This is the 279th story of Our Life Logs | I did not come into a perfectly happy world upon my birth in 1883. My mother had always blamed my father for disappearing into his dirty business as a horseman, leaving her with five (and eventually six) children all alone in a small village in southwestern Russia. And while that may have been true and … Continue reading As I Looked into the Eyes of My True Love

The Recovering Serial Monogamist

| This is the 276th story of Our Life Logs | How did the cycle begin? I was born in 1992 and lived in Central Florida until I graduated high school in 2010. The youngest of three, I was the apple from my mother’s tree. We both loved hard, had quick tempers, and didn’t filter our thoughts often. Unfortunately, this was completely foreign to my father’s … Continue reading The Recovering Serial Monogamist

When We Choose Forgiveness

| This is the 256th story of Our Life Logs | As a child, I dreamed of my parents staying together, loving each other, celebrating my birthdays and making me feel like a princess. Sadly, dreams remained dreams, and I hardly had anything close to that. I was born in 1982 in Trenton, New Jersey. My parents broke up when I was still little, and my … Continue reading When We Choose Forgiveness