Embrace Change

If I was only allowed to describe myself with one word, I’d choose adaptive. My childhood was spaced out across the United States and Europe. My father was in the military, so we had to move wherever he was stationed. Between kindergarten and the end of high school, I had gone to 16 different schools. From all the moving, I developed an ability to accommodate … Continue reading Embrace Change

Life Will Find Its Way

I watch people go through life planning everything out and feel disappointed when something doesn’t go according to the plan. Yes, you can plan everything, but life can just come along and change it. I don’t feel that disappointment because I have allowed life to take me on whatever path it chooses to take. I was raised in the 1970s and 1980s in Massachusetts. It … Continue reading Life Will Find Its Way

Direction Will Find You

My life was never perfect. I went through some obstacles that would normally scar a child. I experienced losses in my family that pushed me into a dark place. I was lost, at many points of my life. But I didn’t stop searching. I searched for the meaning of life, the purpose of being, and the direction of future. 1 | Childhood I never really … Continue reading Direction Will Find You