From My Ugly Past

This is the 67th story of Our Life Logs.   Life is an examination full of tricky questions. However, it is not compulsory for you to get everything right. In a way, the tears I have wept may have cleansed my heart. I was born to extremely young parents. My mother was an upper primary school student while my father was just finalizing his high school … Continue reading From My Ugly Past

Life Served Me a Lemon

Growing up in the dusty countryside of Kenya was fun and typical for girls of my age in the early 1990s. Life was blissful. Sometimes I wish I could rewind and stop the time, just to savor the innocence of those days. My family had settled about 10 miles from the famous home of Obama’s grandmother in Kogelo. The village was close-knit, and neighbors were … Continue reading Life Served Me a Lemon

Rising to Breathe Again

I watched as my uncle’s casket got lowered into the grave. With him, my dreams buried forever. I must have fainted because when I came to, the burial ceremony was already complete.  This one man who showed me that much affection I needed just died. All the dreams he shared with me, paying my tuition fee and giving me hope in life, were gone. My … Continue reading Rising to Breathe Again

Making a Difference

All my life, I have always wanted to help others. I have seen persecution, racism, and blind hatred for those who are different or deemed unworthy. I have seen these people for what they are, and they are not animals. They are human beings. I have tried to dedicate what I can to these marginalized groups; whether its refugees, Muslims, people who are severely impoverished, … Continue reading Making a Difference