To Be Brave Again

This is the 58th story of Our Life Logs.   I was a typical child, raised in Kentucky during the mid-1990s, often playing games with my three siblings. Our favorite was hide-and-seek. We would hide in unconventional places like the fridge or dryer. My father worked in logistics, and my mother could never keep a job. When I was about 13, my parents divorced, and my big … Continue reading To Be Brave Again

A Warrior, Not a Worrier

The thoughts come like unwanted waves of nausea. There is bound to be some negative outcome. Like nausea, you just want to vomit and get it over. But thoughts of death don’t just go away. They linger like the plague. They interject themselves at every turn and persuade you that life isn’t worth living anymore. That’s how my adult life started: depression and later bipolar … Continue reading A Warrior, Not a Worrier

Rising to Breathe Again

I watched as my uncle’s casket got lowered into the grave. With him, my dreams buried forever. I must have fainted because when I came to, the burial ceremony was already complete.  This one man who showed me that much affection I needed just died. All the dreams he shared with me, paying my tuition fee and giving me hope in life, were gone. My … Continue reading Rising to Breathe Again

Forgiveness Is the Attribute of the Strong

There are times in life when we must choose whether we hold on to hate, or forgive and forget. Holding on to hate is the more common reaction. We want justice for a wrong done to us by someone else. We hope that karma comes around to shame and hurt all those that oppress us. Hatred can be deeply powerful. However, it is forgiveness that … Continue reading Forgiveness Is the Attribute of the Strong