It’s All in the Numbers

| This is the 362nd story of Our Life Logs |Growing up in Pleasant Grove, Texas, in the 1940s, I had an easy life. I was the son of a working mom from the Midwest and a devoted dad that had immigrated to the US from Mexico at an early age. My parents had met at a USO dance during WWII. Dad was born in Mexico, … Continue reading It’s All in the Numbers


When You’re Determined

| This is the 359th story of Our Life Logs |I was born in 1955, in a marginalized tribe of Madhya Pradesh, India. I was the only daughter to my parents who treated me like their little princess. We were not rich, but we lived a happy and comfortable life. I saw the world through their eyes and everything seemed wonderfully beautiful.Like most parents in India, … Continue reading When You’re Determined

When Light Comes from Darkness

| This is the 318th story of Our Life Logs |When I first met Sven, the man that would become my husband, I was an 18-year-old trafficked sex worker. My parents had filed a missing person report, and Sven had found it when he was investigating sex trafficking rings as an Interpol liaison with the Russian Embassy. How did I end up in sex trafficking, and … Continue reading When Light Comes from Darkness

As I Looked into the Eyes of My True Love

| This is the 279th story of Our Life Logs | I did not come into a perfectly happy world upon my birth in 1883. My mother had always blamed my father for disappearing into his dirty business as a horseman, leaving her with five (and eventually six) children all alone in a small village in southwestern Russia. And while that may have been true and … Continue reading As I Looked into the Eyes of My True Love