| This is the 78th story of Our Life Logs | I think the hardest question for me to answer is also one of the simplest: “Where are you from?” I often find myself pausing before replying, contemplating what would be the correct answer to give depending on the setting we are in. Do I give the shorter version which simply involves two continents and five … Continue reading Elsewhere

I Am Stronger Than These Thoughts

This is the 73rd story of Our Life Logs   I’ve lived a life of self-reliance and I believe that there are times in which this is our only choice. But if you have the chance to let another person help you as you struggle, let them in. I had a normal childhood living in Ohio with my parents and older sister. My parents got … Continue reading I Am Stronger Than These Thoughts

The Pursuit of the Better

| This is the 18th story of Our Life Logs | “Good life is expensive. There is a cheaper one, but it’s not life,” my parents used to say. It might not sound literally correct, but that stood for everything they did for the family: to make a living and create a better life for us. I carried that spirit on into my adult life. … Continue reading The Pursuit of the Better

My Journey: from Siberia, Russia to Ohio, US

| This is the 6th story of Our Life Logs. |   1 | The Starting Point I was born in Siberia in the 1986 Communist Russia, commonly known as the Soviet Union (Union of Soviet Satellite Republics, USSR). The revolutions started a few years later, leading to the collapse of the Soviet empire and the rise of the Russian Federation. The early years of … Continue reading My Journey: from Siberia, Russia to Ohio, US

A Place Called Home

| This is the 3rd story of Our Life Logs | I grew up as a child of the world. Nowhere was home because for nearly my entire childhood, everywhere was home. My parents’ work kept us on the move, traveling all over South America. They were social workers that focused primarily on helping young people and underprivileged children, orphans in many cases, who had … Continue reading A Place Called Home