Inspirational Quotes from July 2019

The truth is, life can be disappointing sometimes and we all need a boost once in a while. We believe these quotes from our stories in July 2019 will send you the vibe and positivity that you need. 

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In the game of life, I have all that I need within my grasp, and I see now that life is sweeter when you look up from the screen.

“In the Game of Life” – by Mary Flanagan

There’s no use pondering because at the end of the day, we have to take the cards we’re handed, be grateful for the life we had, and just let it be.

“Let It Be” – by Kristen Petronio

Now that I’ve stopped running and realized I can be better despite my upbringing, I’ve become a better man.

“It All Became Clear” – by Marie Brockman

I believe as humans, we care too much about what people think of us. When I stopped caring, a whole world opened up that I had been stopping myself from entering.

“A Walk to Cherish” – by Kristen Petronio

Sometimes there is no more later in life.

“Stepping into Farming Boots” – by Mary Flanagan

I know what I’m capable of. It doesn’t matter if anyone else does.

“A Walk to Cherish” – by Kristen Petronio

I still have my faults and rough edges, but they don’t define me anymore.

“Even Weirdos Deserve Love” – by Benjamin Thurber

I am not a survivor, I call myself a fighter. That is what I am, a fighter, and I am not scared anymore.

“The Black Day” – by Noor Pasha

I never gave up, even when one bad thing after another happened. All it took is a positive attitude and perseverance.

“Tilling a New Path” – by Opondo Maureen

Love is messy, love is unpredictable, and it has a way of pushing you to your breaking point. Still, love always protects, always trusts, and always perseveres. That is the love I know.

“Love Perseveres” – by Mary Flanagan

Through a constant adventure of exploring the words and finding beauty in the ugly I found a sense of rebirth.

“A Man’s Redemption” – by Samantha Page Grimwood

I remember what my grandmother always quoted. “The darkness can never drive out the dark, only light can do that.” I’m glad that I refused to let my light continue to be dimmed, and chose forgiveness.

“When We Choose Forgiveness” – by Melodie Hunter

I left knowing that what I had experienced in the past did not get to dictate how others treated me. I left with confidence, and most importantly, I left alive.

“The Last Time” – by Madi Hayes

It wasn’t “head over heels” or “love at first sight.” We were a budding blossom. A combination of time and patience, nurtured into something more beautiful than I could have imagined.

“It Was Just Us” – by Shelby Buchanan

I grew up hating myself, believing that I was worthless. I tried to make it so that people would not want to love me because I saw myself as ugly and unlovable. And then I met an angel who thought I was worth all the anguish and all the trauma and saw the person within.

“Even Weirdos Deserve Love” – Benjamin Thurber

I will be thankful for what I believe is divine providence, seasons of preparation to weather any storm. That doesn’t always mean that I’m waiting for disaster, it just means that I’ll be ready to remain joyful when it hits.

“Stepping into Farming Boots” – by Mary Flanagan

I used the words locked in my head as a powerful tool and started to write about anything I could get my hands on. I found solace in writing, pulling me away from the toxic thoughts in my mind.

“A Man’s Redemption” – by Samantha Page Grimwood


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