| This is the 350th story of Our Life Logs |“Look, Colleen, it would be unethical for us to hire you as a disabled person, so unfortunately, we can’t offer you the position.”I stared blankly at the interviewer, unable to comprehend the words she had uttered. Tears formed in the corners of my eyes while I mustered up the courage to respond to her.After what felt … Continue reading Empowered


An Innate Survival

| This is the 348th story of Our Life Logs | I grew up in a small Italian neighborhood in the North End of Bridgeport, Connecticut, alongside my younger sister. Growing up in the 1980s, we spent our days running off with neighborhood friends, only returning home when the hum of the streetlights came on. If I wasn’t playing with friends, I was with my grandparents … Continue reading An Innate Survival

At the Foot of the Mountain

| This is the 343rd story of Our Life Logs | I grew up on a small Caribbean Island in the 1990s where I loved to play sports and solve math problems. I always looked up to my dad who was a successful accountant and I dreamed of following in his footsteps. Though, as I began my journey to high school, I found myself straying from … Continue reading At the Foot of the Mountain

I Buried a Piece of My Soul

| This is the 342nd story of Our Life Logs |I was born in East Kilbride, a town on the outskirts of Glasgow, Scotland, in 1980. As an only child, I always dreamed of having siblings to play with. My parents promised that I’d have a brother or sister one day. Unfortunately, that day never came, and my childhood was full of lonely afternoons playing by … Continue reading I Buried a Piece of My Soul