On Shaken Ground

| This is the 524th story of Our Life Logs | Listen to the audio: It is in the state of Maryland where my story began. I was born there in 1975 to Egyptian-American parents, my younger brother and I being the first-generation Americans. Looking back, I had a pretty “Americana” childhood. I have fond memories of collecting baseball cards, skateboarding, walking the family dog, Rex, … Continue reading On Shaken Ground


No, Really, Can You Run in Those?

| This is the 498th story of Our Life Logs | I was the fastest boy at Whittier Woods Elementary School. When it was time for the races for the Presidential Physical Fitness awards, I was competitive and I was flying. Unfortunately (for me), my elementary school competitors grew into teenagers with long legs while I…didn’t. Sprinting got less interesting for me when the others caught up, but that was okay. I had moved … Continue reading No, Really, Can You Run in Those?

The Girl Who Fought Her Own Battle

| This is the 497th story of Our Life Logs | December 20, 2006. I was 13 years old. The door flung open. Our one-room home felt like a locked cage. I remember the fear in my mother’s eyes and the way my brother’s breath shortened. I remember the pounding of my heart. It was the first night my father came home drunk.  My family and I lived in Karachi, Pakistan, in a very small shelter. I don’t call it … Continue reading The Girl Who Fought Her Own Battle