Debora Niwa, Wife of the Elephants

| This is the 458th story of Our Life Logs | The rise and fall of the elephant’s trunk Is a masterpiece Carved by the ones who wish to See them thrive. -CSW 1 | To See Something Beautiful I was born in Skien, Norway, in 1961, and as a child, I spent most of my time outside. The more time I spent in it, the closer … Continue reading Debora Niwa, Wife of the Elephants


To Begin in New Delhi

| This is the 407th story of Our Life Logs | In the north of India, we pride ourselves on our “superior sophistication,” as we are fair-skinned and beautiful. Unfortunately, the north also houses some of the poorest and least privileged of the country. Labor can be as easily bought and sold as milk on the market—which is where my story comes in. I was born in … Continue reading To Begin in New Delhi

When You’re Determined

| This is the 360th story of Our Life Logs |I was born in 1955, in a marginalized tribe of Madhya Pradesh, India. I was the only daughter to my parents who treated me like their little princess. We were not rich, but we lived a happy and comfortable life. I saw the world through their eyes and everything seemed wonderfully beautiful.Like most parents in India, … Continue reading When You’re Determined