No Longer a Victim

| This is the 475th story of Our Life Logs | People used to look at me and see nothing more than an addict who couldn’t keep a needle out of her arm long enough to take care of her kids. I was a hot mess that no one wanted to deal with. But no one ever bothered to understand the “why.” Why I was addicted to … Continue reading No Longer a Victim


When Horizons Fall

| This is the 456th story of Our Life Logs | Editor’s Note This is the story of Maureen Fitzpatrick, an American writer and poet, as captured by the team at Our Life Logs®. While the following has been written to match the tone and voice of Maureen, please note that any discrepancies are creative liberties taken by the writer and agreed upon by the storyteller. Enjoy. … Continue reading When Horizons Fall