A Missing Piece of My Puzzle

| This is the 523rd story of Our Life Logs | My life began in 1978 in Phoenix, Arizona. To understand my story, you must know a bit of my mom’s. Sherry, my mom, was only 16 when she had me, and while my father continued to date her, he wasn’t involved in my care. He never disputed the paternity, but he wasn’t father material. Still, Sherry was determined to be a good … Continue reading A Missing Piece of My Puzzle


Fearfully and Wonderfully

| This is the 466th story of Our Life Logs | South Carolina, my home state, is known for many things—sweet tea, unmistakable accents, Charleston. But it is also known for being smack in the middle of the Bible Belt, where children say “yes, ma’am,” and “no, sir,” and in most stereotypes, these children get shooed outside to play with a mess of siblings and cousins, because … Continue reading Fearfully and Wonderfully