Under the Dazzling Stage Lights

| This is the 511th story of Our Life Logs | Before I begin, let me tell you a few things about me. My name is Sushma. I’m a gender queer actor who loves to sing, dance, and shatter stereotypes. I’m just me, living a life that I carved out for myself. But things weren’t always so easy and rosy. In the 1990s, my parents immigrated … Continue reading Under the Dazzling Stage Lights


I Am More Than a Resumé

| This is the 483rd story of Our Life Logs | I grew up in Pune, India, in a middle-class family. My parents had corporate jobs and worked from early morning to late evening to provide for my brother and me. After doing this for several years, however, my parents reached a point where their careers were no longer fulfilling. They wanted to have a bigger impact. … Continue reading I Am More Than a Resumé

The Gift of a Second Chance

| This is the 457th story of Our Life Logs | It started out almost lucky. I was born into a wealthy family in rural Haryana, India, in November 1991. My father was the only qualified doctor in our area including the surrounding eight villages. The only competition were a few quakes or pseudo-doctors who offered mumbo-jumbo at best. With many, many patients coming his way, my … Continue reading The Gift of a Second Chance

To Begin in New Delhi

| This is the 407th story of Our Life Logs | In the north of India, we pride ourselves on our “superior sophistication,” as we are fair-skinned and beautiful. Unfortunately, the north also houses some of the poorest and least privileged of the country. Labor can be as easily bought and sold as milk on the market—which is where my story comes in. I was born in … Continue reading To Begin in New Delhi

From India to Scotland with Love

| This is the 394th story of Our Life Logs | My story starts far away in India, where I was born in the bustling industrial city of Chennai, in 1986. I was the second of four children and the oldest girl. Traditionally, Indian families want boys, but as they already had a son, my parents welcomed my birth with all their heart. Later, my mum told … Continue reading From India to Scotland with Love

A Wild Calling

| This is the 381st story of Our Life Logs | “Hope is the things with feathers.” —Emily Dickinson I was born on October 30, 1980, in Pune, Maharashtra, India. My parents were both renowned doctors of the city, and despite their demanding profession, they always seemed to make time for me and my older brother. I looked forward to spending time with my father especially, because … Continue reading A Wild Calling