A Matter of Life and Death and Limb

| This is the 516th story of Our Life Logs | I’m an athlete through and through, model year 1983. Football player, college scholarship, pro ball—the works. I was someone always in motion—locomoting with agility, speed, and power of leg was my life force. But what happens when that motion is tested? I grew up in California where I played every sport that had a ball. … Continue reading A Matter of Life and Death and Limb


The Sound of Hope

| This is the 389th story of Our Life Logs | For 13 years, silence was suspicious and peace was a trap. You see, the Democratic Republic of Congo, my birthplace, was in the midst of an ethnic conflict in the 1990s when rebels were terrorizing the country. I’m one of seven kids, born in 1996 to an aristocratic family. We lived in a Congolese village, although, … Continue reading The Sound of Hope