A Long Walk from Yesterday

| This is the 393rd story of Our Life Logs | Living in the rural village of Echem, in South-Eastern Nigeria, I had a difficult life. I was born in 1954, the youngest of four children, but we were not my father’s only children. Most certainly not. In fact, I was 16th in the rankings, including my father’s children from his two older wives, who each had … Continue reading A Long Walk from Yesterday

On the Wrong Side of the World

| This is the 390th story of Our Life Logs | I was born in 1974 in Aley, Lebanon. Aley is called “The Bride of Summer” because it is located on Mount Lebanon above the Mediterranean Sea. Mount Lebanon is not a big mountain, but its magic is if you are on the beach in Beirut, you can see its majestic white snow line when you look … Continue reading On the Wrong Side of the World

My Dreams Made a Difference

| This is the 382nd story of Our Life Logs | Eighty-eight years of living is something to take note of. To be honest, the longevity and good health have been quite a surprise to me, but a surprise that I treasure. Through all these years, I’ve gathered wisdom from a deep well of experiences and had opportunities to chase my dreams again and again. There were … Continue reading My Dreams Made a Difference