Life Is What You Bake It

| This is the 471st story of Our Life Logs | As the positive comments rolled in at the potluck, I could feel myself begin to float. Maybe I really could do this. Maybe everyone was wrong after all. I could do this, I could…then the winds of doubt blew through my mind as quickly as the hope came. But what if I fail? What if it’s … Continue reading Life Is What You Bake It


At the Start of My Journey

| This is the 448th story of Our Life Logs | Growing up in Ozone Park in the New York borough of Queens in the 1980s was not easy for me. My childhood was not sweet, to say the least. Instead of love and security, it was filled with mockery and humiliation. I mean, my parents gave us kids—my twin sister, older brother, and me—basic things like … Continue reading At the Start of My Journey