Now I Know the Difference

| This is the 398th story of Our Life Logs | I grew up in the extremely religious culture of Draper, Utah, in the 1990s. My parents had a loving marriage and raised me to believe that family was the core purpose of life. Girls married right out of high school at 18 in my neighborhood, like an unspoken tradition. I thought I’d follow the same path. … Continue reading Now I Know the Difference

There Is Hope for the Unloved

| This is the 353rd story of Our Life Logs | I’ve learned when no one cares enough to keep you when you’re born or adopts you when you’re a baby, the odds are no one will care about you as you get older. I was no exception. But still, I held out hope for the longest time that someone would come along who’d love me. … Continue reading There Is Hope for the Unloved

At the Foot of the Mountain

| This is the 344th story of Our Life Logs |I grew up on a small Caribbean Island in the 1990s where I loved to play sports and solve math problems. I always looked up to my dad who was a successful accountant and I dreamed of following in his footsteps. Though, as I began my journey to high school, I found myself straying from the … Continue reading At the Foot of the Mountain

A Life Full of Colors

| This is the 336th story of Our Life Logs |I have lived a life of colors, starting with mostly dark shades until I finally reached the bright hues I’m in today. I was born in 1987 in Taguig, Metro Manila, the Philippines, to a Nikkei-jin (Japanese descendant) mother and a pure Filipino father. I grew up in the highly urbanized and busy streets of Las … Continue reading A Life Full of Colors