A Wandering Jew

| This is the 516th story of Our Life Logs | “But why?”  This became the epitome of my childhood and the main source of migraines for my parents. My innate curiosity for the world around me led me to question everything I was told and ponder everything I saw. I knew there was something more, that something was missing. I  didn’t want to just accept … Continue reading A Wandering Jew


Fearfully and Wonderfully

| This is the 465th story of Our Life Logs | South Carolina, my home state, is known for many things—sweet tea, unmistakable accents, Charleston. But it is also known for being smack in the middle of the Bible Belt, where children say “yes, ma’am,” and “no, sir,” and in most stereotypes, these children get shooed outside to play with a mess of siblings and cousins, because … Continue reading Fearfully and Wonderfully

The Gift of a Second Chance

| This is the 457th story of Our Life Logs | It started out almost lucky. I was born into a wealthy family in rural Haryana, India, in November 1991. My father was the only qualified doctor in our area including the surrounding eight villages. The only competition were a few quakes or pseudo-doctors who offered mumbo-jumbo at best. With many, many patients coming his way, my … Continue reading The Gift of a Second Chance