Green for a Reason

| This is the 499th story of Our Life Logs | My name is Catherine, and I grew up in a tiny village in Ireland in the 1970s. My dad and brother worked on our farm while my mom owned and operated the local grocery store. Our house was attached to the store, so, naturally, as a child and as a young adult, I spent a lot of time in … Continue reading Green for a Reason


An Innate Survival

| This is the 349th story of Our Life Logs |I grew up in a small Italian neighborhood in the North End of Bridgeport, Connecticut, alongside my younger sister. Growing up in the 1980s, we spent our days running off with neighborhood friends, only returning home when the hum of the streetlights came on.If I wasn’t playing with friends, I was with my grandparents who lived … Continue reading An Innate Survival