My Own Adventure

| This is the 363rd story of Our Life Logs |I was born in 1978 in Limavady, a small town in Northern Ireland. My parents owned a small farm and were hard-working. I was the oldest of six children and often had to help with the chores on the farm and at home. It was great having so many brothers and sisters to play with, spending … Continue reading My Own Adventure


Because You Never Know

| This is the 317th story of Our Life Logs |‘“What happens when people open their hearts?”’‘“They get better.”’–Haruki Marakami, Norwegian WoodBorn into a struggling family in 1989 in Glasgow, Scotland, I lived in the middle of a dangerous neighborhood. I grew up watching over my shoulder and trying to keep the peace in our home. Though I breathed the air of misfortune, it did not … Continue reading Because You Never Know