A Desert Rat’s Tale of Survival

| This is the 429th story of Our Life Logs | “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times—” O how some things never change. I was born at Topcroft, Norfolk, in England in 1917 at the end of the First World War. I was born into what became a large family of eleven children. As I was one of the oldest, I … Continue reading A Desert Rat’s Tale of Survival


Waiting for Peaceful Skies

| This is the 331st story of Our Life Logs |A patient of mine, a World War II veteran, sat in front of me on the examination table. I made a note in his health card and suggested some vitamins for better vision.He shrugged, “It is hopeless, Doctor. I will never see anything clearer than the battlefields in 1944. Those pictures hold me there, taking away … Continue reading Waiting for Peaceful Skies